Lana Del Rey Gets Under Steven Tyler's Hennessey Venom GT Spyder

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After a light lunch, Lanna Del Rey gives Steven Tyler's Veyron-killer a thorough going over.

With the finale of American Idol done and dusted, Steven Tyler has now taken stock of his black Venom GT Spyder. The Aerosmith front man was quick to hit the streets in the 1,200hp twin-turbo 7.0-liter V8 supercar, and was recently spotted with singer-songwriter Lanna Del Rey. After dining out at Mexican food joint Pink Taco in West Hollywood, the ageing rock star and his sexy 25-year-old lunch date went to the car park so she could check out his sublime $1.1 million new ride.

While parked in a disabled parking bay, Lanna took a good look under the car but refused an invitation to take a ride; missing out on the chance to hear the custom-built stereo built by JL audio and check out the modest black interior with contrasting red stitching, as well as experiencing it blast from 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds.

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