Lancia Aprilia 75 Concept Pays Homage to a Classic

A postmodern interpretation of a 75 year-old classic is an inspired piece of work.

75 years ago Lancia launched the Aprilia, a car that caused a sensation for its avant-garde streamlined design. 1.3- and 1.5-liter four-valve engines powered the car, one of the first to be designed using a wind tunnel, which remained on the market for 12 years, representing one of the marque's most famous saloons. To mark its 75th anniversary, Michelle di Mauro and Claudio Piccoli, industrial designers who worked for Pininfarina, the Centro Stile and Lamborghini, have designed this provocative concept.

"The Aprilia 75 was designed to reinterpret a contemporary mix of understated elegance and aggression that characterizes the original Aprilia, Fulvia, Delta Lancia and many other sedans." The concept's dimensions mirror those of the Delta and gets bulging fenders that run up across the hood and over the roof. Side steps have been added that double up as mini-skirts, while the style of the original doors has been smartly incorporated.

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