Lancia Flavia Gets Red Poltrona Frau Leather for Venice Film Festival

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Rebadged Chrysler 200 Convertible looks far more glamorous in red Poltrona Frau leather in Venice, Italy, than it does in a suburban dealership lot.

Let's be honest here for a moment: the new Chrysler 200 is a fine car, but it's not nearly as fancy as Chrysler would make it out to be. That's where Lancia steps in. Chrysler's Italian sister brand is, as with all things Italian, generally more stylish than the American brand. Unfortunately left struggling to find its niche, Lancia has (aside from the Delta and Ypsilon hatchbacks) been relegated to essentially rebadging Chrysler products for European consumption. That includes the 200 sedan and convertible.


The latter revived the Flavia nameplate, and Lancia has given it a more luxurious look and feel in time for the Venice Film Festival. Lancia sponsors the festival (in a city with few cars, mind you) and is responsible for chauffeuring the celebrities around the various events. And for the occasion, it has teamed up with famous leather company Poltrona Frau to refit the Flavia convertible's cockpit in sumptuous red leather. We could do without the sponsor logos on the outside, but the red leather might be enough to make the Chrysler 200 Convertible a stand-out proposition - or make the Lancia stand out from its American progenitor.

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