Lancia Released Another Teaser Ahead Of The Pu+RA Concept Reveal

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Boy does this thing look like a spaceship.

A new teaser and some more information have been released regarding Lancia's upcoming electric concept car reveal on April 15th. The vehicle, which is based on the utterly absurd and kind of beautiful design study/blob called Pu+Ra Zero, is called the "Emozione Pu+Ra," and Luca Napolitano, Lancia brand CEO has said, "The Lancia Concept is the brand manifesto for the next ten years."

Of the concept, we've already been introduced to the rear, and it's very obvious how it was influenced by the floating design study blob from last year. Our biggest issue with the blob was that it had no wheels, but now it seems the brand is ready to rectify that situation by giving us a true concept of which we expect to have less joke material.


As for the upcoming concept, Napolitano says, "It is a 100% electric concept car which represents the evolution of the Lancia Pu+Ra Zero…The Concept is the first vehicle of Lancia's new era that includes features which will be present on future models in terms of design, sustainability, technology and electrification, and I am certain that it will impress all Lancia brand lovers around the world."

In the new picture, one can make out the circular roof that the brand says guarantees a panoramic view getting lots of light from the exterior. The brand says it "recalls the primitive geometric shapes typical of Lancia Design and fits perfectly with the sensual lines of the lateral sides." Still, we can't help but wonder how close the experience on the inside will be to the Jetson's spaceship.


The rear Venetian blind-inspired lines on the rear of the canopy are also more prominent in the picture, and although very good looking, remind us of the window defroster lines on many cars' rear windows. In general, the rear is a gorgeous, pointy conglomeration of shapes, and it makes you wish that some production cars could skirt crash regulations so that you could see something like this on the road.

Other than this little info and the pictures, we have no idea what will come of this concept. We assume maybe a more practical sedan or saloon is in the picture, although we would also be very excited to see a new sports car a la the Stratos get a new lease on life. The brand should even reach over to its corporate cousin Maserati for a little of the magic that was put into the Gran Turismo Folgore, because what is family for if not to help build an electric sportscar?


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