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Lancia Stratos Reborn As Limited Supercar With Over 550 HP

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Only 25 examples of the New Stratos are being produced by coachbuilder Manifattura Automobili.

The Lancia Stratos is one of the most legendary Italian sports cars ever built and is particularly well known for its rallying pedigree. Sadly, it's been out of production for the last 40 years, while the once formidable Lancia has been reduced to a shadow of its former self with its entire line-up comprising of one car sold exclusively in its home country. Back in 2010, long-time Lancia fan Jason Castriota worked with Italian design house Pininfarina to make a new modernized version of the Stratos.

Dubbed the New Stratos, a concept based on the Ferrari F430 Scuderia was unveiled eight years ago. It shared many of the Ferrari's components, including its naturally aspirated 4.3-liter V8 engine tuned to deliver 540 hp. The plan was to put the New Stratos into production, but Ferrari didn't approve of using the F430 as a base. Consequently, Pininfarina pulled out and the project was halted – until now. Coachbuilder Manifattura Automobili Torino has announced a partnership with Michael Stoschek, Chairman of the Brose Group, to put the New Stratos into production in a limited-run of just 25 models available worldwide. Each will be tailored to every customer's unique specification.

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Three versions will be made: a GT racer, a Safari version and "a competent supercar for the daily use." Chances are the Safari version will be a homage to the Lancia Stratos rally car. Technical specifications are scarce, but the engine is said to deliver over 550 horsepower and feature "specially tuned suspension" to enable the reborn Stratos to "deliver an experience that no other supercar can assure on tight and twisty roads." The exterior design heavily draws inspiration from the original Stratos produced between 1973 and 1978. Inside, the interior also retains the characteristics of the original car, such as integrated support for the helmets in the doors.

"I am delighted that other passionate car enthusiasts can experience how the successor of the most fascinating rally car from the seventies still sets the bar for design and performance today," Michael Stoschek commented. "For MAT this agreement is a further step in our growth and allows our path to becoming a true manufacturer. A small production run is a new challenge for us," Manifattura Automobili's Paolo Garella added. "To have the opportunity to build the New Stratos is a great honor and a recognition of the capabilities that MAT has acquired over the last few years."

"From its foundation in 2014, MAT has been involved in 4 different projects for the design and development of supercars. Now with the New Stratos we will deliver an extremely refined supercar that can be used every day but also deliver excitement and exhilarating fun on twisty roads." Expect to see all three variants of the New Stratos in all their glory next month at Geneva where pricing details will be revealed.