Lancia Stratos Restomod Built On Ferrari F430 Scuderia Platform Is A $900k Bargain

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Only eight were ever made of a planned production run of 25.

A Manifattura Automobili Torino Lancia Stratos is currently up for grabs at Selected Car Investment for a cool €850,000 (or $907,672 at the time of writing).

The famous modern Stratos has to count as one of the best restomods of all time, if not the best. This unit is exceptional, not just because of the historically accurate Alitalia livery (you can see a video of the original Alitalia Stratos heading up the hill at Goodwood at the bottom of this article). These modern Stratos creations were built on one of two platforms, depending on how deep the original customers' pockets were. It was either based on the standard F430 (arguably of the all-time greats) or the F430 Scuderia, definitely one of the all-time greats. The example you see here was built on the latter chassis but with a few inches removed from the wheelbase to make it even gnarlier, as was the case with all such Stratos conversions.

We'd much rather have this than the latest in Ferrari's Icona Series, the $2.2 million Daytona SP3.

Alex Penfold Alex Penfold Alex Penfold

The engine, gearbox, and electronic control systems are all carried over from the donor car, which means 503 horsepower sent to the rear wheels via an early version of Ferrari's single-clutch automated manual. Ferrari updated the Scuderia's gearbox with a "Superfast2" software upgrade, and the result was 60 millisecond shift times. It was one of the first cars that could shift faster than the average human could blink.

Despite the Ferrari connection, this is a bespoke vehicle. As mentioned earlier, a sizeable chunk of the wheelbase was removed, and the body features a bespoke glasshouse and bodywork. Nothing else on the planet looks like this.

This particular example has covered just 2,500 miles, likely because it's such a handful to drive and would make for a very uncomfortable call to the insurers.

Alex Penfold Alex Penfold

According to popular lore, his car is even rarer than initially thought. Only 25 were meant to be made, but apparently, just eight were made, making this car more exclusive than the Bentley Bacalar, of which 12 were made. It's even more exclusive than the Bugatti Centodieci, and 10 models of the French hypercar were made.

Apart from one-of-one models like Koenigsegg Agera RSN, it doesn't get more exclusive than this. It's also a relative bargain, considering each of the cars mentioned here retails for a minimum of $2 million.

Since it was made, this car's value has stayed the same. The conversion cost was $618,000, and the donor car added another $200,000. We don't expect values to remain this low once news gets out that only eight of these stunning vehicles were ever made.

Meanwhile, Lancia has completely lost its way and likely won't be with us in 10 years. These last few years, it has been selling a series of Chrysler and Fiat-based products, and recently it introduced a concept for a new shoehorn. How the mighty have fallen.

Alex Penfold Alex Penfold
Source Credits: Selected Car Investment

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