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Lancia to Showcase New Models at Frankfurt

Lancia will be revealing their mostly Chrysler-based 2012 line-up at Frankfurt with hopes of a fresh start.

As Lancia works to regain a foothold in the industry, the Fiat-owned Italian brand is planning to showcase their revived model lineup next month at Frankfurt. However, three of the five new models will simply be rebadged Chryslers, thanks entirely to the new alliance between Fiat and the American automaker. The Thema (Chrysler 300), Voyager (take a guess here), and the Flavia (200 Convertible) are all a part of this new “dual spirit” theme (as Fiat puts it) between the brands.

No significant changes have been made to these cars, with the only exception being new grilles and badges. The other two models, which are not rebadged Chryslers, are the Ypsilon and Delta. Unlike the rest of the European continent, the U.K. will not be receiving these cars badged as Lancias, but instead they will have the Chrysler name. Not sure why exactly, but we're guessing Chrysler has better name recognition than Lancia does in the U.K. Overall, this is an important event for Lancia, as the brand has been screaming for fresh product for some time now.

So in other words, the new Chrysler alliance is probably the best thing that could have ever come their way. In the future, Fiat has confirmed that we'll be seeing additional Chrysler models being rebadged as Lancias. Market research has shown that Lancia buyers, who are known to have conservative tastes, will likely find favor with many Chryslers in terms of styling both inside and out.

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