Lancia Ypsilon Diamond Appears before Frankfurt

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You can't put lipstick on a pig, but you can surely put sharkskin and rawhide on one.

As we continue to gear up for Frankfurt, Lancia has just released some new photos of their show car, the Ypsilon Diamond. Amongst many other debuts set to commence in the next few days, Lancia hopes to stand out with their ultra-luxurious hatchback. At first glance, it may appear that Lancia has just tried to put some bells and whistles on a plain car. This is partly the case.

The Fiat subsidiary made use of bronze-black galuchat hide on the seats and head rests and combined that with embossed nabuck hide on the sides of the seats, dash and door panels. That means shark hide and top-grain cattle rawhide leather will keep you comfortable while you try to forget that a shark or cow were sacrificed for your comfort. The exterior was also fixed up with a special eco-chrome finish on the glove compartment, door handles, steering wheel spokes and many other parts of the fancy Ypsilon Diamond. Check out the photos and keep an eye out for the Lancia Ypsilon Diamond as it debuts amidst the ruckus of the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.


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