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Land Rover Accidentally Leaks New Defender

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Leaked graphic and latest spy shots give a better look at the next-gen Landie.

The old Defender was in production for the better part of three decades, so we'll forgive Land Rover if it takes its time before unveiling the highly anticipated new model. In the meantime, though, we've been seeing an endless stream of leaks, teasers, and spy shots... of which these could be the best we've seen yet.

What we have here, first of all, is a photo leaked via Instagram from the next-gen Landie's digital instrument display – showing at its center a visual representation of the vehicle in profile, in long-wheelbase, four-door Defender 110 form.

Assuming JLR didn't upload an alternate design into the vehicle's computers, this would apparently be the finished product, looking both modern and rugged, boxy and elegant (in its own way).

We're not quite sure what to make of the C-pillar element, but the visually floating white roof (on this version at least) appears to contrast nicely with the silver paint and black trim. While we can only see the one angle of the finished product here, the design has clearly changed a great deal from the DC100 concepts that Land Rover first revealed to preview the new Defender back in 2011.

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Along with the leaked instrument display, we've also included the latest spy shots to come across our desks showing the new Defender. The exterior is still under wraps, betraying little beyond its expectedly squared-off shape. But this time we can see a bit inside and underneath.

The dashboard encompasses a wide-format infotainment display, positioned above a joystick-style gear lever, in line with physical HVAC controls sure to be welcomed by anyone who's fumbled through on-screen menus to access essential functions. Meanwhile the undercarriage shows both coil springs (on a Defender 90) prototype and an air suspension (on a Defender 110), suggesting that Land Rover will offer both.