Land Rover Confirms Plug-In Range Rovers Are On The Way

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Jaguar Land Rover's big electrification push is seemingly starting earlier than expected.

Not so long ago, Jaguar Land Rover took motoring and mainstream news headlines the world over as a result of its electrification plan announcement. While the contents of said declaration weren't perhaps as groundbreaking as some places were making it out to be, it was undeniably a statement of intent for the burgeoning premium car maker. And it now seems its big electrification push will commence sooner than expected, with perhaps its most iconic vehicle spearheading the charge.

Yes, instead of the Jaguar I-Pace production car that's due to be revealed in full in 2018, JLR will first be unveiling the production-ready Land Rover Range Rover and Range Rover Sport plug-in hybrids sometime in October 2017, ahead of an early 2018 launch. Though it seems perhaps unusual for JLR to retrofit plug-in hybrids onto Range Rovers, it is a move that makes sense. Being premium cars, the profit margins should mean the development costs will be recouped at a faster rate. Plus, JLR's already got a base to build on with the current Range Rover Hybrid - though the plug-in will replace the RR Hybrid's diesel engine with a gasoline one.

Jaguar Land Rover has yet to disclose what engine will be nestled under the Range Rover PHEV's hood, though it's extremely likely a turbocharged setup from JLR's 'Ingenium' family of engines will be paired up to the plug-in system. It has been confirmed, though, that the Range Rover PHEV will have a range of up to 30 miles on electric power alone, which is remarkable when you consider the Range Rover plug-ins will comfortably tip the scales over 4,500 lbs. With Jaguar Land Rover firmly nailing its electrification colors to the mast, a lot will be riding on these Range Rover plug-ins, so we'll be keeping a very close eye on these upcoming, upmarket PHEVs.

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