Land Rover Confirms That The Old Defender Will Stay Dead And Buried

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It turns out the Defender will remain dead.

Earlier this week the UK's The Sunday Times claimed that billionaire Jim Ratcliffe was in talks with Land Rover to relaunch the Defender. We were all excited for a few days. But unfortunately a spokesperson from Land Rover has already come out to say that, "There is no way this is happening." The spokesperson followed up with: "We're not going to let anyone build our Defender." If that wasn't enough an official company statement was also issued. "We can confirm there are no plans to restart production of the previous generation Defender."

Land Rover

The statement went on to talk about how special the car is and JLR's future plans for it. "Defender will always be Land Rover's icon. Jaguar Land Rover has stated its intention to continue the Defender lineage with an all-new model. The Defender remains a key part of our future product strategy, and the development of the next generation model remains on track." So while we will see an all-new Defender sometime before 2019, the previous generation Defender will remain dead.

Land Rover
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