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Hint: why only stick with a four-door SUV?

This September, Land Rover will unveil its all-new, completely reborn Defender SUV. We can hardly wait. Fairly recently, the UK automaker released its own spy shots of lightly camouflaged advanced prototypes undergoing final testing at some of the most treacherous terrain possible. There's a legacy it has to live up to. But so far, we've only seen four-door prototypes. The original Defender's most popular body style was two-door, so wouldn't it make sense to continue this? Well, yes and no.

You see, two-door SUVs are no longer popular. Name one that's on sale right now and is also a smash hit. Okay, so there's the Suzuki Jimny, but it's not sold in the US and the North American market is vital to the new Defender's success. But it turns out Land Rover might, just might be considering a two-door. How do we know? Lego.

Land Rover Land Rover Land Rover Land Rover

First spotted by Lego enthusiast website The Brothers Brick, the Lego set is said to have 2,573 pieces and is rumored to go on sale in October, only a few weeks following the real SUV's unveiling.

The Lego Defender has a "working steering mechanism," a "four-speed sequential gearbox," and includes "three differentials and an independent suspension." Cool. Although it's described as only being a "replica of the legendary utility vehicle," much of its styling looks far more similar to the new Defender.

Lego Land Rover Land Rover Land Rover

Thing is, it's a Lego set and is not the easiest to pinpoint, design wise. But the flared fenders above the wheels and front end design look awfully similar to what's coming in a few months. So, does this mean a Land Rover Defender coupe is on its way?

Supposedly, some Defender coupes have indeed been spotted testing, though our spy photographers have yet to capture them. So here's hoping a new Defender coupe is happening as well. Defender fans would certainly be pleased.

Land Rover Land Rover Land Rover

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