Land Rover Defender Tank Edition Is The Ultimate Snowmobile

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Just in case you didn't think the standard car was capable enough.

The Land Rover Defender is one of the most capable off-roaders money can buy, but that hasn't stopped various companies from building on that reputation with a series of accessories. New Defender Mods is one such firm and has unveiled a new Tank Edition aimed at those adventurers who want to climb every mountain and ford every stream.

Bespoke adapters allow owners to fit bolt-on tracks with relative ease, and New Defender Mods says they match up with the existing wheel mounting points. While it seems quite the task, the tracks can be installed almost as easily as a wheel. However, a larger wheel jack is needed to equip the British SUV with the particularly mammoth tracks seen here.

Weighing in at around 350 pounds each, the tracks are 16 inches wide, which means you'll struggle to squeeze the Defender through tight spaces.

New Defender Mods

That shouldn't matter, though, as we can't imagine owners venturing out on the open road with these tracks fitted. This is aimed at those who want to go further than a set of tires can ever take them, with little chance of getting stuck. The sheer size of the tracks also increases the ground clearance to more than 20 inches, which should come in handy when heading off the beaten path.

What you gain in ride height, you lose in speed. When fitted with the tracks, the Tank Edition can reach just 40 mph. Frankly, that's fast enough for anything with such a lofty driving position and no tires.

Thankfully, no additional modifications need to be made to the suspension, with New Defender Mods claiming that the vehicle will retain its suspension characteristics with the tracks fitted.

New Defender Mods

Fitting snow tracks to a passenger vehicle isn't anything new. In the past, we've seen individuals attempt to fit tracks onto a Lamborghini Aventador. As you'd expect, it did not go well.

"The Defender Tank Edition is the culmination of a passion by New Defender Mods to push the New Defender beyond what most think is possible and then some, and we are thrilled to finally bring the concept to market," said Ben, the company's CEO. The firm hopes to introduce the accessory in late 2023 and notes that a waitlist has already been set up for interested customers. No price has been given, but we can assume this won't come cheap.

New Defender Mods is no stranger to modifying the Defender and offers a host of accessories for the rugged Brit, often creating incredible builds that any off-roading aficionado would love to drive.

New Defender Mods/Instagram

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