Land Rover Defender With A Transplanted Corvette V8 Is The Perfect SUV


In fact, all Defenders are wonderful.

Charles Fawcett is a tried and true Land Rover Defender man. His obsession and passion with the pure SUV started in the womb; his mother drove one while pregnant with him. Throughout his childhood and into adulthood, Defenders were pretty much a way of life for Fawcett. Not surprisingly, his first car was a beat up Defender. And perhaps that's where he found his life's calling, professionally speaking. Fawcett now modernizes Defenders in ways that will make any brand enthusiast weep with joy.

Perhaps the best example of Fawcett's work is, from the exterior, a Defender T80, only now it has a Corvette LS3 V8 under its hood. Quite a bit of engineering work was needed to pull this off, but the result is just bloody fantastic (did we mention Defenders bring out our British-speak?).

Land Rover

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