Land Rover Delaying New Defender?

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Plans are still in place for a next-gen Defender but it may end up having a more premium rather than back-to-basics feel.

The light has been shining brightly for Land Rover lately, best examples of which include the Evoque and all-new Range Rover. So when the now Indian-owned but UK-based automaker revealed its sharp-looking pair of Defender concepts at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, it seemed as if the off-roading luxury brand would have yet another hit on its hands by 2015. However, a new report coming from Autocar is claiming that plans to build the new Defender in India alongside a new Tata-badged SUV have been dropped.

Thing is, LR is still planning to drop the existing Defender in 2015 because it'll fail to meet growing global emissions regulations. So does this mean that there won't be a new, more efficient Defender to take its place? Not at all, but it may just be different than what we were expecting. Instead of a "back to basics" Defender, the new model could be built on a shortened version of Jaguar Land Rover's all-aluminum PLA platform, which currently underpins the Jaguar XJ and Range Rover. Any new Defender is still at least three years away and could end up being a "sister car" to the next-gen Discovery.

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