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Land Rover Evoque Cross-Cabriolet?

It looks like the new sub-class of cross-cabriolets just received another member.

Almost everybody loves a convertible in the summer. Well, maybe not in record heat-waves but a nice drop-top in the summer is great. Now, have you ever imagined a Land Rover SUV cabrio? Land Rover's Evoque cabrio awkwardly aims to create just that. The Evoque cabriolet is something different, basically an Evoque with the roof cut off. It will be equipped with a folding cloth top and will have a two-door setup. The cross-cabriolet sits pretty high and doesn't make a ton of sense for any real purpose.

It honestly doesn't look terrible, just a bit... out of place. It is powered by the Evoque's 2.0-liter Si4 turbocharged engine. The engine can bust out a solid 240hp. A combination of a twin variable timing valve plus direct fuel injection also contributes to the power of the Evoque. Based on the 3-door Evoque, the cabrio will face competitors such as the Nissan Murano and Audi's Q5 convertible. The Evoque cabriolet will be marketed towards those who desire a luxury crossover-cabriolet and is scheduled to launch by 2013-14. Pricing is expected to be around $50,000-$60,000. Rendering courtesy of

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