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Land Rover Hates Aftermarket Tuners, So It Created SVO To Crush Them

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The new Discovery could be ripe for SVO tuning.

Land Rover has just revealed the new Discovery, and the company is already thinking about how it can make it better. Speaking to Top Gear, Land Rover's design boss, Gerry McGovern, said that "We've deliberately brought Discovery and Range Rover a bit closer together to make room for the Defenders when they come." McGovern is responsible for Land Rover's new design language that debuted on the Evoque, and has now spread to all models. Although this design language looks very good, there is some room for improvement.

When asked if the SVO division could create a more rugged version of the Discovery, McGovern said that it could indeed happen. He responded by saying that "One of the reasons we've set SVO up is we've seen tuners taking 99 per cent of our intellectual and creative property and changing a few things – generally not very well – eroding the guarantees and then charging a premium for it." Basically, Land Rover wants to put an end to aftermarket tuners by making insane SVO models in-house. The SVO department has an unbelievable amount of flexibility. This means that it can create sporty models like the Jaguar F-Type SVR, Range Rover Sport SVR, and luxurious models like the Range Rover SV Autobiography.

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McGovern said that "with [the Discovery] and Defender, it does lend itself to an incredibly rugged, capable vehicle. But as I said, [the standard Discovery] is incredibly capable as well. But if people want it to look more overtly rugged, why not?" We could see a tuned version of the Discovery from SVO that is focused on being an even more capable off-roader. We can't wait to see the new Defender, but a Discovery SVO could fill the void nicely.