Land Rover Is Recalling Discovery 4s In Australia For Detaching Glass Roofs

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Add this to the list of Australian things that want to kill you.

Australia is known as a dangerous place, mostly due to the wide variety of wildlife that can kill the humans who live there. The Land Rover Discovery 4 is not as scary as a poisonous spider or pissed off kangaroos, but it can still harm Australian drivers. Specifically, certain 2012 and 2013 models are at risk of losing their glass roofs due to a primer used to bond the glass to the roof. The cause of the issue, in the automaker's words, is that the primer "may not have been to the correct specification."

Other than the whole glass roof flying off issue and model affected, not much is known about this recall. That includes the amount of cars caught up in it and if any injuries, deaths or accidents have occurred due to the issue. Regardless, make sure you drive a bit more cautiously should you find yourself in Australia behind a fourth-generation Discovery.

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