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Land Rover is Serious About a New Compact SUV


Could this be a new global Defender model?

The moment one hears "Land Rover," two things often come to mind: off-road and expensive. Although the current Land Rover lineup is a fairly decent size, the UK-based automaker is still looking for that so-called "white space" in the market. The Evoque was one way of filling an empty space and now the premium small SUV market has become ridiculously popular. Now, even Porsche has jumped in, introducing its new Evoque fighter, the Macan.

But LR is still looking to expand even further, and its North American VP recently hinted to AutoGuide that it’s now seeking "smaller and more affordable products." The official stated that "there’s still room for growth from an entry standpoint and a volume standpoint." So what could this so-called entry level LR be? A production version of its DC100 Concept that was unveiled a couple years back. In fact, that concept could very well be the basis for a new global Defender. At the moment, the LR2 is the smallest and least expensive model offered, but it’s also somewhat bland. A new Defender spawned from the DC100, however, would be a more than worthy replacement.

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