Land Rover is Serious About its Defender EV

Even Land Rover recognizes the fact that EVs are here to stay.

It’s quite clear that not everyone is a fan of EVs, but for better or worse, they’re here to stay. Heck, even Land Rover admits that fact. Want proof? The UK automaker has been testing an electrified version of its historic Defender model for some time now. Revealed at Geneva last March, the Defender EV likely won’t make production, but the fact that it even exists suggests that a battery-powered Land Rover could come one day. A total of six Defender EVs were built for testing purpose.

A four-wheel-drive 110 Pick Up version was sent to the Eden Project, located in Cornwall, England, for additional research. It can supposedly pull the 12-ton, four-carriage road train for visitors up a six-percent incline without a problem. Furthermore, it can travel up to 50 miles on a single-battery configuration with about 12 miles left in the reserve. This particular Defender EV can pull those carriages around the testing site for nearly eight hours before requiring a recharge. Land Rover will soon add a second lithium-ion battery that will extend the Defender’s operating time and will even help to improve weight distribution that will add improved vehicle stability. All told, this Defender EV has just 94 horsepower and 243 lb-ft of torque.

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