Land Rover Is Teasing Its Crazy New Convertible With...Wire?

Hopefully it won't fly away with the wind.

Remember when Land Rover said its Range Rover Evoque convertible would be built back in 2013? Well, prepare yourself because the convertible SUV is finally coming. The Evoque convertible is set to officially debut next month at the Los Angeles Auto Show and Land Rover decided to tease it in a unique way. It built 3D wireframe sculptures of the baby off-roader. Every little detail on the colorful wire sculpture from the wheels to headrests will be on the actual car and it doesn’t look too different from what we saw back in 2013.

These six sculptures are placed in “prestigious” places around London, including at the Harrods store in Brompton Road and in the Knightsbridge and Mayfair neighborhoods. Once the Evoque convertible starts roaming around, it won’t have too much competition with the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet gone since 2014. That leaves only the Jeep Wrangler to compete with. Hopefully it’ll look as good as the hardtop Evoque.

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