Land Rover May Eventually Build a BMW X1 Fighter

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Is it possible for Land Rover to build an even smaller SUV? Apparently so.

There's no question that the Land Rover Range Rover is a huge success. Although there were doubts, the Evoque has literally helped to establish the small, but not too small, premium SUV market. Other examples include the upcoming Porsche Macan, and the Audi Q3 which is already on sale. The bottom line is that this segment is a huge money-maker for these brands, and now Land Rover is even considering a rival to the likes of the BMW X1.

They would like to have one, according to its director of programs, Murray Dietsch, but there's one major issue holding the project back: money. While no one is doubting that market appeal for small premium crossovers is strong at the moment, "you've got to make sure you're not chasing something that you'll never be able to deliver a business return on, so it's a bit of a balance," according to Dietsch. Another LR exec admitted that the SUV segment is "growing massively, it is growing most significantly in the smaller size ranges. But right now... we've got our hands full with what we've got, so there's no initial plans to go smaller." For now.

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