Land Rover Plotting Bentley Bentayga-Killer

The price on this is also going to be astronomical.

Themanagement of Land Rover is now considering the possibility of an ultra-luxurySUV to compete directly with Bentley’s new Bentayga model, this according to a report from Autocar. For thistop-of-the-line Range Rover, the British automaker wants to add an even more exclusive vibe to the luxury barge by limiting the production to 1,000units at most every year. The asking price the company is considering on thisone is going to be just as insane as the competition from fellow Britishmanufacturer Bentley.

JaguarLand Rover (JLR) recently spoke out on this idea through Paul Newsome, the director of special vehicle operations. Newsome said that the base price, when converted to USD, would be about $310,000. That may sound like a ridiculously high price, but when you compare it to the competition, it beginsto appear a little less ludicrous. After all, the base Bentayga starts ataround $230,000. Remember it has a $170,000 optional feature as well. This flagship model, which is still under consideration, wouldhave a very different appearance that would differentiate it from currentRange Rovers while still maintaining the automaker’s fundamental designlanguage. Different appearance or not, $300,000 is a lot of money.

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