Land Rover's First Armored SUV Can Survive Bombs, Bullets And The Zombie Apocalypse


But you would never know if you saw one.

The Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division at Land Rover has officially unveiled its first ever ultra-luxury armored vehicle, dubbed the Range Rover Sentinel. The Sentinel is based on the Range Rover Autobiography special edition and is fully kitted out to survive all sorts of ballistic threats. However, just looking at the exterior of the vehicle and you would never know about its armored capability, and that’s precisely the point.

The Sentinel has been certified with VR8 level direct fire protection, meaning it's capable of withstanding 7.62 mm armor piercing bullets. The SUV is also equipped with exceptional lateral protection and can shield occupants against 15 kg (33 lb) TNT blasts and DM51 grenade explosions directly below and above it.

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The standard Autobiography glass has been swapped out for multi-laminated, bullet-proof armor privacy glass. Additionally, the SUV comes with an upgraded suspension kit and brake system. The list price on the Range Rover Sentinel is around $446,000.