Land Rover's Transparent Hood is X-ray Vision Awesomeness

See-through "bonnet" provides an off-roading high-tech edge.

With the unveiling of the Discovery Vision Concept at theNY Auto Show just days away, Land Rover has released this insanevideo detailing one of the features of its upcoming SUV. The "TransparentBonnet" combines a series of grille-mounted cameras with a high-tech head-updisplay, allowing drivers to "see through" their hoods in order to overcome obstacleson offroad tracks. No, you won’t be seeing the engine components at work, butrather gain a clear view of the road beneath them.

The cameras capture road data and processthem to a windshield display, creating a "see-through view ofthe pathway ahead." It also creates a digital indication of the wheels' positioning, allowing adventurers to plottheir next move through rocky terrain, steep inclines or even elusivecurbs and parked cars.

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