Land Rover Thinks Chris Harris Has Replaced Richard Hammond

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Not on Top Gear, but on The Grand Tour. Awkward.

Mistakes happen, but this one is particularly embarrassing for Land Rover. It's pretty funny for everyone else. The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson has posted on his Instagram account a single photo of three packages sent from Land Rover to himself, James May, and Chris Harris. What about co-host Richard Hammond? Well, apparently no one else got the memo except for Land Rover that Top Gear co-host Harris has now replaced Hammond for the second time, this time on the latter's new show.

All kidding aside, the mistake here is totally Land Rover's for thinking Chris Harris was part of the previous Top Gear trio. It didn't take long for Clarkson's Instagram followers to begin chiming in with questions, like "Topgear crossover???" and more sarcastic comments like "Just another short angry man hahahaha I see no difference." Whoever sent the packages from Land Rover (contents unknown) must either be a new employee who's unfamiliar with two of the most popular car shows on the planet, or they're simply confused, overworked and in need of a vacation. In any case, it's still all pretty embarrassing for Land Rover.

As for Richard Hammond, he seems to have recovered from his latest brush with death and is good to go for Season 2 of The Grand Tour. Chris Harris, as far we know, is alive and well and uninjured. His show, Hammond's former, will be returning to airwaves early next year.

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