Land Rover To Launch Ultra-Exclusive Model At New Range Rover House

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The plush Range Rover Carmel SV will be unveiled at the Range Rover House in Monterey this week.

Range Rover owners attending the Monterey Car Week have something to look forward to, with Land Rover announcing the motoring festival will serve as the location for its first North American Range Rover House. Nestled in Carmel Highlands, the modernist home boasts magnificent views of Monterey Bay and an exceptionally luxurious experience.

However, it's set to be an exclusive gathering place - Land Rover says it's open "on an invitation-only basis" to Range Rover owners. We're not sure what that means, but we guess merely owning a new Range Rover Sport won't guarantee you an invite.

If you are lucky enough to get in, Land Rover says guests will enjoy evening events, first-rate hospitality, and importantly, exclusive viewing of a new limited edition Range Rover model. Known as the SV Carmel, this "ultra-limited edition" is most likely based upon the range-topping model, introduced to the world last year.

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This hasn't been confirmed, but it appears the Range Rover Carmel SV will only be offered to exclusive customers in attendance. JLR's North America CEO, Joe Eberhardt, has said the vehicle was "curated specifically for offer to those in attendance." Aside from the advent of an exclusive SUV, the brand has pulled out all the stops for its best customers.

The doors to Range Rover House open on August 17 with a soiree of sorts; guests can look forward to special tastings and even stargazing. However, customers can also visit the home during the day, and experience coffee samplings, spa-like treatments, and even guided lectures pertaining to marine biology and the nearby cove.

August 18 is when the big unveiling of the Carmel SV is expected to take place. We'll have to wait a bit longer to garner additional details, but we're guessing it will offer heightened levels of luxury and, possibly, exclusive exterior colors.

Land Rover Land Rover

The exclusive gathering point will be open until Sunday August 21, and guests will be treated to a private concert in the cove, be able to attend a charity auction, savor Napa Valley's finest wines, and experience a fine dining experience curated by world-class chefs.

"Range Rover owners reside and travel the world to the most exclusive locations and events, where a Range Rover is always at home. We are very pleased to invite our owners to ... a refined getaway destination overlooking Monterey Bay in Carmel, California during the action-packed Monterey Car Week," added Eberhardt.

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