Land Rover Travels US Coast to Coast, 100% Off-Road

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Why? Because paved roads are boring when you're in a Land Rover.

We all know that America is a big and developed country with a modern highway system. Driving across it may take several days, but it's entirely doable even in something as small as a Ford Fiesta, for example. But where's the adventure in that? Wouldn't it be more exciting, perhaps even a bit dangerous, if you were to forgo all of those paved highways and streetlights? Is it even possible to travel across the US off-road? Absolutely, it's called having a Land Rover LR4.

Jay Leno's Garage correspondent Jeremy Hart teams up with Land Rover for a month-long off-road journey across the US of A. The SUVs weren't even heavily modified, just a few upgrades that can be done at LR dealers. It's a really cool journey off the beaten path and we're thrilled somebody had the guts to do it.

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