Land Rover Unveils Discovery Vision Concept in NY

Precursor for new family of models.

At a special event aboard the USS Intrepid in New York, with the Virgin Galactic spaceship as its backdrop, Land Rover unveiled its new Discovery Vision concept just ahead of the New York Auto Show. Besides becoming the official partner for Virgin Galactic, the English commercial spaceline, the Discovery Concept is here to point to Land Rover’s upcoming model family, as it "establishes the design themes, versatile, high-tech interiors and off-road prowess of the Discovery family".

The Vision is styled with a futuristic air and sportier lines, applying both to the exterior and to the seven-passenger interior. It has suicide rear doors, at least in concept form, allowing the versatile interior to gain a ‘limousine’ layout with some seats configurations. In terms of technology, the Vision introduces Human-Machine Interface (HMI) technology, Remote Control Drive and laser headlamps. Land Rover did not provide any details regarding the Discovery Vision’s powertrain, however.

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