Lapping The Nurburgring On Two Wheels Is The Definition Of Insane

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And yet a Chinese stunt driver just did it. What a time to be alive.

Don't get us wrong: Driving on two wheels takes a ton of talent, but the novelty is starting to wear off. If you want to get our attention you need to do something outrageous while driving on two wheels, like winning a drag race. Lapping the Nurburgring on just two wheels also makes the cut. That's exactly what Chinese stunt driver Han Yue just did. It took him 45 minutes to get his Mini Cooper around the Green Hell, but damn it if he didn't do it. The entire event was livestreamed, but thankfully a shorter video was also put together.

Driving a car on two wheels is obviously tough. Driving it for 45 minutes around one of the world's most famous and difficult race courses…well that takes a mix of courage and skill.

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We didn't sift through the entire 45-minute run-because that would be masochistic-but from the five-minute video it appears as if Yue was in control more or less the entire time. It also appears that the course was closed, which makes sense as this stunt would have been a nightmare to pull during a public day. We applaud Yue for his record-setting run and hope that future stunt drivers think twice before trying to impress the world with pedestrian displays of two-wheeled driving. We've been to the top of the mountain and there's no way we're ever going back.

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