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Larger Jaguar SUV Could Happen, But What Would Land Rover Say?

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Would this create internal competition?

You'd think Jaguar would be satisfied with its current SUV lineup, consisting of the F-Pace, just revealed F-Pace SVR, and newly launched E-Pace. The I-Pace EV kind of counts as an SUV, but not in the conventional sense. Given the industry trend, would it make sense for Jaguar to round out its SUV offerings with something larger than the F-Pace? Yes, but then again, wouldn't that infringe upon Land Rover territory. The automaker is called Jaguar Land Rover, after all.

Speaking to Australia's Go Auto, Jaguar managing director of Australia Matthew Wiesner acknowledged an SUV slotted above the F-Pace is not being ruled out. "All options are on the table, as long as it delivers what Jaguar stands for. That's probably the most important thing." There is a specific formula that separates Jaguars from Land Rovers, mainly in terms of all-around performance. "Does Jaguar necessarily want to replicate the role of Range Rover or Land Rover? No. That's not its job," Wiesner said. "You don't need another Range Rover, you don't need another Land Rover – they've got their specific roles to play within the group."

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Okay, so how does JLR define Jaguar, specifically as an SUV? "Jaguar's job is to bring dynamic enjoyment from a driving perspective, and if there is a product that we're missing and an option that is there, it will be investigated." Remember, the F-Pace is a direct competitor to the likes of the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and X4, and Mercedes GLE, while the E-Pace is the smaller SUV targeting the Audi Q3, BMW X1 and X2, and Mercedes GLA. Where's Jaguar's BMW X5 fighter? That's the question JLR is currently deciding whether to answer or not.