LA's New $600-Million Bridge Already Shut Down After Stunting And Take-Overs

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Iconic old 6th street bridge was photo heaven, the new one is stunting hell.

For the last six days, Los Angeles' new $588 million 6th Street Bridge (6th Street Viaduct) has been a hub for LA's car scene in all the wrong ways. Since the new bridge's opening, street takeovers, burnouts, and donuts in traffic have been the norm on the bridge, which has inevitably led to some crashes. The LAPD has closed the bridge off temporarily an effort to fight the rise in reckless driving and stunts.

One video shows a car doing donuts in the middle of the bridge. Another, also seen in the video below, shows a Dodge Challenger Hellcat (because what else would try this stunt) attempting the worst burnout we've ever seen, shortly before careening into traffic and then the bridge's widely criticized bike lane.

Fox11 LA/YouTube

The bike lane has faced criticism because, as residents put it, city planners failed to properly shield the lane from insane drivers, as evidenced by the Hellcat's (presumably final) resting place. Allegedly, the driver was caught and arrested later. Since the Hellcat crash on July 18, numerous other instances of dangerous driving have occurred there, likely only for content on social media.

On July 23, LAPD closed off the bridge after 250 or more people flooded the viaduct ahead of a street takeover. The bridge's surface is now covered in tire rubber marks from burnouts and donuts, some of which have taken place in the middle of regular traffic. Los Angeles has taken a harsh stance on street racing before, and the recent spike in stunting along the bridge will surely prompt action from city officials.

LA Councilman Kevin de Leon held a press conference last week, stating that the city is looking into adding cameras to the 1.5-mile long bridge to deter both the takeovers and other lawbreaking actions. The bridge's construction has also drawn criticism because pedestrians can easily climb onto the bridge's arches.

For now, the largest issue surrounding the bridge is still reckless driving, be it a single party or a larger street takeover. Fox 11's above video also shows that behavior occurring in traffic, with the driver of a Ford Mustang doing burnouts in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Part of the attraction certainly falls on the bridge's construction with four unseparated lanes of traffic in addition to the bike lane. City officials have considered adding speed bumps to the bridge to remedy the problem.

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