Las Vegas Cops Bust Drunk Drivers With Ghosted Out Ford Explorer Interceptors

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (except a DUI).

People are stressed out these days because of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown restrictions. One way to let off some steam is a trip to Las Vegas for some fun. Although Sin City isn't immune to the virus, it's nonetheless received plenty of out of town business lately and, not surprisingly, some guests are having too much fun. And by 'too much fun' we mean drunk driving - and the occasionally loaded AR-15 assault rifle.

The Detroit Free Press recently spoke to a Las Vegas police officer who's actively using his "ghosted out" Ford Explorer Interceptors to catch unsuspecting drunk drivers. A video posted on the Nevada Highway Patrol's Twitter channel shows what "ghosted out" is all about.

Ford Ford Ford

"We will see you before you see us. Especially this ghosted out NHP Explorer. It's 7:45 pm and multiple motorists have already been arrested on suspicion of DUI and we are just getting started," the tweet reads.

The department's goal is simple: catch as many drunk drivers as possible as soon as possible. Just because roads are less crowded doesn't mean deadly drunk driving-related accidents can't happen. "DUI blitzes are periodically scheduled. This is a high priority for us, trying to remove impaired drivers before they kill anyone," said Nevada Highway Trooper Travis Smaka. "We're a major destination city where people come to have a good time - from California, Texas, Michigan. Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But if you're arrested for a DUI, it will follow you home."
Ford Ford Ford

This latest DUI crackdown, which took place last weekend, was a joint effort between the Nevada Highway Patrol Southern Command and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. This DUI "strike team" works year-round and does nothing else but look for drunk drivers. Last Saturday, for example, the team caught and arrested 20 drivers for DUIs. They also seized two illegal guns, one from a felon. "Tonight on the Las Vegas Strip Nevada State Troopers arrested a driver on suspicion of DUI while in possession of a loaded AR-15 rifle and an open alcohol container. Alcohol, cars and guns don't mix."

The team even has a Christmas tree back at headquarters decorated with ornaments that have every DUI arrest date and the officer's badge written on them. Whether you're in Las Vegas or elsewhere and you're out drinking and can't walk home, call a taxi or an Uber.

NHP Southern Command/Twitter NHP Southern Command/Twitter Ford
Source Credits: Detroit Free Press

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