Last Mustang Shelby GT500 Convertible Heading to Auction

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Want to buy a new Shelby GT500 convertible? Time is running out.

The end of an era is near. No, the Ford Mustang isn't going anywhere, but its solid rear axle is. We all know good and well that when the all-new 2014.5/2015 Mustang premieres next March at New York, it'll have for the first time an independent rear suspension. Purists likely won't be happy, but hey, at least the old 'Stang will live as a RWD, V8-powered muscle car. But the Shelby GT500, that absolutely wonderful Ford-built, 662 horsepower hunk of metal and raw manliness, will be discontinued.

It's a damn shame, but it's rumored that Ford has a solution that it's currently working up. To commemorate the final Shelby GT500 convertible, Ford has just announced that it will be sent to the Barrett-Jackson auction block with all proceeds going to the Brain Injury Association of America. It will be sold with no reserve at the "Hot August Nights" event that's currently happening. Parnelli Jones, the Indy 500 winner whose son sadly suffers from a severe brain trauma due to Sprint Car race accident, will also sign the car. Whoever enters the highest bid will also be able to customize the car inside and out with their preferred color combos.

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