Last Saab Ever Sells For More Than A New 3 Series

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We can hardly believe how much this car brought at auction.

Swedish automaker Saab went bankrupt back in 2010 but Chinese company NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) purchased the rights to build a new electric car using the old 9-3 as a base. Before building the new electric car, NEVS actually built 420 examples of the 9-3 (with the original gasoline engine) from 2013 to 2014. One of these 420 cars, the last one built in fact, was recently put up for auction and is technically the last Saab ever produced.

Just like the Saab-built 9-3 that ended production in 2012, this one is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged GM EcoTec four-cylinder producing 220 horsepower. Sadly, NEVS did not use the 9-3's six-speed manual transmission and instead opted for the six-speed automatic. But in typical Saab fashion, the ignition switch is mounted below the shifter on the center console.

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With just 43 miles on the odometer, this 9-3 is essentially a brand-new car despite being built back in 2014 and based on a car that entered production in 2011. Auction site Bilweb estimated the car would sell for around $35,000 to $45,000 but earlier this week NEVS revealed the car sold for 465,000 SEK ($47,827). That's more than a brand-new BMW 3 Series or Tesla Model 3. No ordinary 9-3 is worth this much money but being the last Saab ever produced is significant.

"465,000 SEK was a good price for the car. It is unused and in new condition, of course. Congratulations go to the buyer on this historic reproduction," said Peter Sundfeldt at Bilweb Auctions. "In addition, it feels really good to know that the money from this last petrol car from Stallbacka is now going to stimulate work towards a sustainable society with forward-thinking mobility solutions," Stefan Tilk, CEO of NEVS added.

Bilweb Auctions Bilweb Auctions Bilweb Auctions Bilweb Auctions

The man who purchased the car, Claus Spaangaard, lives in Denmark and will travel to Trollhattan in Sweden to pick up his car and receive an exclusive presentation from NEVS. "I already have two Saab cars and I thought I should just buy this one too. It's the very last Saab, after all," Spaangaard commented. Spaangaard is the owner of a tire shop in Denmark and said that "right now, we are very busy helping people change to winter tires, so we'll see when I have the time to come to Trollhattan and pick up the car." It's good to see the last Saab ever built go to a true Saab enthusiast.

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