Latest 2020 Chevy Corvette Problem Can Be Fixed At Home

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Over-the-air updates are awesome.

The first-ever mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette has been a phenomenal success for the automaker as demand has exceeded supply for the 2020 model year. Of course, C8 Corvette production didn't go as planned this past year for a couple of reasons, specifically the five-week-long UAW strike and the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The Bowling Green, Kentucky factory was again forced to shut down for two days last week because of supplier issues. The Corvette itself has mostly been problem-free, the main exception being unintended front trunk openings, a software issue that has since been resolved.

Today, however, there appears to be another situation, though it's far less serious and no recall has been announced. GM Authority has learned that General Motors has issued a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) for certain 2020 Corvettes because of a minor software bug in the transmission control module.

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The TSB states the affected cars "may have a condition where diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) P1967 and/or P1968 may falsely set in the transmission control module due to a software misalignment." The fix is quite simple: dealer service departments simply have to update the software, a process that should take no more than a few minutes. No physical parts are required.

Alternatively, owners can even perform this update in the comfort of their own home, but only if they have accepted the terms and conditions to perform over-the-air updates. If so, all they have to do is download the software update and everything will be good to go.

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Chevy dealerships have also been instructed to perform the update on all 2020 Corvette Coupes and Convertibles currently parked on their lots, this way their new owners won't have to deal with this on their own. Also, dealers will perform the software update whenever a 2020 model is brought to the dealership for any reason during the warranty period.

Most importantly, this problem poses no safety risk, hence the reason why there's no recall coordinated with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

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Source Credits: GM Authority

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