Latest Dodge Demon Teaser Could Point To 10-Second Quarter Mile

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This would be a healthy improvement over the Hellcat's best time.

The first words out of the announcer's mouth on Dodge Challenger teaser number 456,345,365, which is dubbed "Judgment Day," are, "you will always remember our name." At this point, all we can say is that Fiat Chrysler has done a wonderful job of making sure of that, showcasing feature after feature with each teaser video that emerged so that the word Demon is never stricken from the site. This one happens to hit the Internet just a day after the previous teaser video.

In the 14th installment of the Challenger Demon mini series, Dodge is here to make one point only. No extra-large hood scoops, no information on how many seats it scrapped to save weight, just a Demon on its home turf, the quarter mile drag strip. We hear the roar of an engine of undisclosed output and this time get no mystical numbers to decode.

That is unless you can see what the blurred-out drag time receipt says at the end of the film. Squinting eyes may be necessary, but a possible 10-second readout is the most that can be gathered. Knocking anywhere near a second off of the Challenger Hellcat's 11.7-second quarter mile time is a hefty accomplishment, but to be fair we're hoping for a bit more than that given all of the hype surrounding the Demon. Look for the Demon to be reveled on April 11th in New York, although if it's really capable of a sub 11-second quarter mile, we think Dodge should push the reveal back a day early, to the 10th, to mark the occasion.

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