Latest Dodge Demon Teaser Gives Us An Idea About How Fast It'll Accelerate

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See those twisted up tires? That means gobs of torque goes towards nothing but helping the Demon go like a bat out of hell.

The most depressing part about watching Teslas beat the ever living snot out of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat on the drag strip is not the fact that we see the last bastion of American muscle falling to its knees because of an electric car, it's because we know that if all 707 horsepower could hook up to the pavement successfully, the end result would be much different. Thankfully Dodge feels the same way, hence these short teaser clips we've been seeing emerge on the Internet in reference to the Challenger Demon.

All we know is that it'll have a wider body to accommodate wider tires that give the Demon a contact patch that's 15% wider than that of the Hellcat. We also know it'll weigh less, adding performance by helping the Challenger where it the laws of physics hurt it the most. And then there's the wider hood scoop, which at least to us, signals more forcefully inducted power.

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And while Dodge has also teased the tires, set to be a set of 315/40-size Nitto NT05R wheels that are barely legal for road use, this teaser gives us quite a good idea of how the Demon will use them. It certainly could be to paint rubber strips on the pavement, but that doesn't help it go any faster. Instead, it looks like it'll wring the life out of them like a real drag strip demon, signifying just how powerful the forces of thrust and adhesion are and helping prime us for what's to come. We'll keep you posted when we hear more but we can't wait to see how the Demon responds to Tesla's 0-60 mph record.

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