Latest Furious 7 Trailer Sees Paul Walker, Jason Statham and Lykan Hypersport Flying Through The Air

Hits the big screen April 3.

Aired last night during a lull in the pulsating Super Bowl, the latest ‘Furious 7’ trailer is full of physics defying stunts, explosions and spectacular supercars. Jason Statham will make his debut in the franchise, there’s a few shots of the late Paul Walker, while a stunt involving a Lykhan Hypersport smashing out of one skyscraper, making some serious air time before crashing through another skyscraper, gives you a taste of what’s to come.

Shot on location in Tokyo, Abu Dhabi and Los Angeles, Furious 7 will feature some impressive sheetmetal from a Veyron and 458 Italia to Dodge Challengers and Subaru Imprezas. It's going to be massive.

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