Latest Lambo Costs 25,000 Euros

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50th anniversary limited-edition bicycle mimics the Aventador's carbon-fiber body.

Lamborghini marked its 50th anniversary with the ultra-limited edition Veneno unveiled in Geneva last week. While that model is priced at an eye-watering 3 million Euros (with all three models already finding buyers) there's another Anniversary Edition Lamborghini model that can be yours for a fraction of the price. However you'll have to give up two of the wheels for the pleasure. The BMC Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition Impec is the second collaborative effort between the Swiss bicycle maker BMC and Lamborghini.

Both bikes link the carbon-fiber framed Impec to the carbon-fiber bodied Aventador. And both companies share a love of carbon composite manufacturing, with Lamborghini producing carbon bodywork near its Sant'Agata headquarters and BMC producing the lightweight material at its Grenchen HQ. The latest Lambo Impec comes equipped with Italian-made components on its frame and is painted to complement the Aventador whose exact leather was used in the saddle, cockpit and bar tape. Restricted to 50 pieces, the limited-edition Impec retails for 25,000 Euros and can be ordered from your nearest Lamborghini dealership.

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