Latest Morgan Sports Car Spotted Looking Properly Retro

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Even though it will be the company's most advanced car to date.

When Morgan teased its upcoming sports car, it did so with what may be the least revealing teaser image of all time - a picture of a garage door raised only enough to show the car's tires. Aside from this cryptic teaser, the only details we know about this car are that is known internally as the 'Wide Body,' will continue to use 1930's-era styling, and will employ an all-new rear-wheel-drive architecture. We also know the Wide Body will employ a new engine because Morgan's deal with BMW to supply the N62 V8 from the 5 Series has ended.

Now, we have our first look at the Wide Body thanks to pictures taken by Autocar while the car was out testing. The prototype is still heavily camouflaged but at least these pictures don't have a garage door blocking 99% of the car. We can clearly see the car's 1930's-era styling and what appears to be a convertible top.

It's too early to tell how much of the prototype's design elements will reach the production car but we don't expect the finished product to differ too much from what we see here. As the name Wide Body insinuates, the prototype features some incredibly wide fender flares.


Underneath the new body, Morgan has developed an all-new aluminum chassis, which will be twice as stiff as previous cars. The Wide Body (which is not the finalized name) will not be a direct replacement for the V8-powered Plus 8 and Aero 8, which will receive their own flagship replacements in the next few years. Instead, the Wide Body will sit above the Roadster, Plus 4, and 4/4 and below the upcoming flagships when they arrive in a few years time.

Morgan isn't expected to reveal the production Wide Body until 2020, so we must continue to wait before we can learn what engine will sit under the hood. All we know is the car will use "a powertrain never before installed in a Morgan."


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