Latest Tesla Model 3 Update Adds Some Very Important Features


The Model 3 will now have things like a radio and an odometer.

Even though the company has delivered just a handful of Model 3s to real owners, people are still clamoring for the first affordable car from Tesla, ready to write Tesla a check even without before even driving the thing. Tesla has reportedly faced production issues with the Model 3 that have delayed deliveries. Anyone who owns a Tesla knows that the company has a knack for selling things before testing them, then quickly coming up with a fix. Tesla even shipped the Model 3 without a few very important features.

According to Electrek, Tesla shipped the Model 3 in July without giving it a software and user interface update. Tesla is known for offering important over-the-air updates, so owners can wake up with amazing new features. We've seen Tesla add small features like a creep function, as well as big improvements like an increase in speed or range. The Model 3's first update will include some basic functions such as an FM radio. This was one of the key missing features of the Model 3 that perplexed owners in their initial reviews. Amazingly, the missing FM radio was just part of the incomplete software, and will now be added.

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Some other big new features include an odometer, tire pressure, and energy consumption applications. These are all pretty obvious additions that were surprisingly left out of the car at launch. Tesla has also added some comfort features such as easy entry and exit, which lifts the steering wheel and pushes the seat back when getting in or out of the car. Even though Tesla sometimes ships its cars with a few minor issues, the company has been quick to respond in a way that no other manufacturer has been able to match.