Launching A 600-HP Aston Martin DB11 Is Much Harder Than It Looks

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Watch how a professional tries to get a solid acceleration run out of a powerful grand touring machine that's allergic to tracks.

Life can be pretty good when you test cars for a living, which is why all Motor Trend needed to do in order to make an entertaining video was to turn the cameras onto Chris Walton, one of its test drivers who happened to be conducting acceleration runs on the new Aston Martin DB11. With 600 horsepower coming from a 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12, there doesn't seem to be much boredom or hardship to undergo when trying to squeeze out the best acceleration run possible.

Except that the job is not as easy as it looks. Part of the reason why is that as a true grand touring masterpiece the DB11 is not a car that's tuned for the track. That means it lacks such race car commodities as launch control or a transmission that's programmed for a top acceleration run. As a result, Walton has to put the Aston Martin through multiple runs.

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During the first, he mistook the twin-turbocharged engine for any other turbo engine by expecting it to having lots of torque locked down low in the rev range followed by a flat torque curve. Instead, the Aston delivers its wallop after it hits a certain RPM, so that gunning it from a low RPM and pinning the throttle simply makes for an undramatic launch followed by time-killing wheel spin. What's required is a high rpm launch followed by light and progressive throttle application, that is if Walton can learn the transmission well enough to get a good time. Who are we kidding, this guy is a professional, just watch and learn in case a situation where you need to launch a DB11 ever arises.

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