Launching A Challenger Demon Involves More Steps Than Firing A Nuke

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Then again you wouldn't want it to be easy to launch a nuclear weapon or its demonic four-wheeled equivalent either.

Gun rights activists like to argue that their weapons are tools and therefore people should be free to buy and sell them with minimal government intervention. And just like a power saw or a drill, most guns have safety systems that require the person wielding it to undergo a process before firing, if anything to make sure they really want to let a piece of lead fly through the air. Turns out launching the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon isn't so different from firing a gun, or at least that's the case in Fiat Chrysler's eyes.

Unlike your plain, average, and run of the mill Lamborghini, the Challenger SRT Demon has a series of systems that must be engaged to ensure the owner really wants to let it launch past the Christmas tree on two wheels, fly down all 1,320 feet of drag strip, and cross the finish line in under ten seconds.

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For a car that comes with a literal toolkit of racing equipment, it should be expected that it wouldn't be an out of the box supercar ready for all to conquer with the press of a button. This, like any good American muscle car, takes work. Road Show does a good job of outlining the slightly arduous process (you're not going to want to get stuck doing this at a red light) from start to finish. After strapping on the set of skinny front drag tires and ensuring the tank is full of high octane racing fuel, the process inside the car begins. Study this and know it well, not because knowledge is power, but because you never know when you'll end up at a car show and have someone toss you the keys to a dream ride.

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