Lawsuit Reveals That Ralph Lauren Spends 30 Hours A Year With His Massive Car Collection


Doesn't sound like much, but certainly more than most people do.

Born the son of immigrants in the Bronx, Ralph Lauren got his start in fashion after getting out of the Army and starting his own line of neck ties that he had made out of rags. In a literal rags to riches story, he is now worth more than $8 billion, and this has allowed him to amass a collection of cars that consistently leaves other gearheads in awe. Parts of this collection are at times on display in various museums, but mostly it lives at his home in Westchester County.

In the latest of a fairly unending series of trademark lawsuits, it was revealed that Lauren spends only about 30 hours a year in the massive garage which houses his collection. It might not sound like a lot to anyone who spends time in their garage tinkering about with their cars, but Lauren employs an expert mechanic to look after his collection full time. He certainly drives the cars a lot, and this isn't included in the total. The 30 hours a year are spent talking shop with his mechanic and just admiring the cars. It's really quite a lot for someone who has an empire to run. Included ahead are some photos of his cars, because the man has taste.

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Michael Furman
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