Lawyer Abandons Flooded Ferrari for a Client

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A lawyer stays true to his client by sacrificing his Ferrari.

Last Monday it rained like mad in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It resulted in severe flooding that stranded people in buildings, trains and cars. One of the automotive victims was this Ferrari California. The supercar was abandoned by its owner after it got caught by the flood water in an underpass. Images of the flooded Ferrari quickly went viral and now its owner has been tracked down. His name is Howard A. Levitt, a leading employment lawyer in Canada. Just before the flooding happened, he was on his way to a very important hearing in Ottawa.

The rain had only just started to come down hard when he left his office and it quickly got much worse during his journey. By the time he made it to the underpass, the water was already up to the car's wheels and rising rapidly. Levitt thought he could make it through the roadway but because the Ferrari rides very close to the ground, it only took a few inches of water to stop the car completely. Levitt was stuck, and he tried calling a tow truck. In the meantime, "the geyser was coming out, and it started filling up, filling up, filling up. Getting deeper and deeper and deeper. When it got near the bottom of my windows, it was time to leave," according to Levitt.

But instead of waiting for the tow truck to save his car, Levitt abandoned it, took a cab to the airport, and discovered all flights were canceled. But he still managed to make his court appearance. In the end, he won his motion in Ottawa for his client, but the Ferrari remained trapped in the water. Fortunately, he has a good sense of humor about the whole ordeal. "Nobody's dying, nobody's sick. The car gets fixed up and there's insurance for that. I made it for my case and succeeded on my client's behalf." Levitt also said the Ferrari is the best car he's ever owned (he also owns a Viper and a Jaguar). So if the California is ruined, he'll get another one.

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