Lawyer Who Abandoned Flooded Ferrari Gets Props From Ferrari

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One very good reason why it's vital to have car insurance.

Earlier this summer some major flooding hit Toronto, Ontario, Canada due to excessive rainfall. Extreme weather like that is unusual in that part of our fine world, and it understandably caught the region's residents by surprise. For Howard A. Levitt, a leading employment lawyer in Ottawa, the flooding resulted in the loss of his 2010 Ferrari California. Well, a loss for the car, yes, but not for his client. If you recall, Levitt abandoned his Italian dream machine in a highway underpass after he underestimated the height of the rapidly increasing flood waters.

But instead of finding a way to save his car, he sacrificed it for the good of a client. He left the flooded supercar, hailed a cab and went straight to the airport to catch a flight so that he could make a court appearance on behalf of his client. Obviously, Levitt has insurance for events like this, but Ferrari also heard about his story and was clearly touched. After Levitt got things cleared up with his insurance company, it turns out Ferrari was waiting to hear from him. The company was so touched by his lack of selfishness and his devotion to his client that it offered him a "very generous" deal on a well optioned Metallic Blue 2014 model. Levitt will receive his new Ferrari in November - just in time for those nose-breaking cold Canadian winters.

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