Lazy Mom And Dumb Dad Tie Bike To Car: Can You Guess The Outcome?

Can you guess how this stupid stunt ends?

If you’ve ever thought about tying your bicycle to the back of your car, don’t. This video from Ukraine proves just how bad things can go when you substitute horsepower for pedal power. For starters, if you’re going to do something so dumb you might want to do it on a private road, not one where there’s traffic. You might also want to work out a better tow system, as in one that won’t cause your wife to crash into the back of your car. Oh, and also be prepared for unexpected braking and your rope tangling.

Unfortunately we don’t get to see the crash, but the cyclist filming the incident on his helmet cam does do a great job of showing the aftermath. Yes, honey, your mom is hurt. Yes, her and daddy are incredibly dumb.

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