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Lazzarini Plans to Somehow Stuff a Twin-Turbo Ferrari V8 into the Alfa Romeo 4C

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Just looking at it might kill you.

The Alfa Romeo 4C doesn't come from the factory with a huge amount of power. But it is pretty much universally agreed that it doesn't need supercar power figures to be an absolute blast to drive. For those who disagree, Lazzarini has a solution. The plan here is to somehow stuff a Ferrari V8, fitted with a pair of turbochargers from Hennessey, into the back. This will mean 738 horsepower going to the rear wheels.

The prototype is still being built, so there are no final performance numbers, but Lazzarini is estimating 60 mph to come up in 2.5 seconds and a quarter mile to flash by in 9.5 seconds. Some new aero modifications are included in order to keep the 2,100 lbs of curb weight under control, but that kind of power-to-weight ratio is probably going to be difficult to control even with the new bits. Prices right now are just an estimate, but these have been clocked at $310,900. Lazzarini is calling this tiny beast the Definitiva, because it seems "Widowmaker" was already taken.

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