Le Mans Winner Filled His McLaren F1 GTR With Diesel

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And you thought your gas was expensive.

If you're here reading this, odds are you've driven something you're scared to be in. Be it because it's your buddy's car that's filled more with rust than gasoline (or a scary combo thereof), or a car that's simply so expensive you couldn't fathom what would happen if things went south, most of us have been there. Now imagine driving one of the most iconic (and by the transitive property, expensive) race cars of all time, the McLaren F1 GTR. And you've just filled it with diesel instead of race gas.

That's what happened to Francois Perrodo. He's not just some schmuck off the street who lucked his way into being in one of these. He's won the 24 Hours of Le Mans. But, everyone makes mistakes, and as Perrodo put it in his Instagram post, "I did the mother of all f*ck ups!"

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In his post, Perrodo called the "mother of all f*ck ups" the "perfect storm." First, the whole thing isn't totally on him. Modern cars (and race cars) have differently sized fuel nozzles to prevent this exact thing from happening. We wouldn't call a specialist racing car built in the '90s "modern." So, the nozzle wasn't there. Second, Perrodo chalks much of the incident up to being just plain excited to hop behind the wheel of such an incredible, record-breaking car like the F1. To date, nothing really comes close, even the center-seated McLaren Speedtail.

Understandably, Francois was a little embarrassed. The ribbing his friends gave him likely didn't help. Those so-called friends left Perrodo a sticker on the car, reading "Francois No Diesel! Petrol."

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In his Instagram post, he even joked that his epitaph will mention the incident, quoted above. At least Perrodo is having a good laugh about it.

Thankfully, the entire incident was resolved. The fuel system was bled dry, freeing it of any and all traces of diesel, and the tank inside the car was drained. Perrodo says the car has been driven since the whole thing took place, and that it runs just fine now. So, next time you accidentally put diesel in your McLaren 720S, know that someone has done the same thing with a much more valuable car.

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